Holland + A Thousand Things about Holland

€ 29,99 p/st


Dematons, Charlotte

Nu is Nederland er voor iedere toerist en iedereen met familie en vrienden in het buitenland + Hét (Engelstalige) boek bij Holland, om je nog meer te verbazen. Samen in een pakket


With the eye of an outsider but a warm heart for the country that became her new home, award-winning illustrator Charlotte Dematons paints in loving detail everything that makes The Netherlands so Dutch. From bike-riding retirees to a grandmother with her walker, from skating on the ice to the scenes of Avercamp, Bruegel and Bosch, the multicultural Dutch society is revealed and celebrated with wit and warmth.

This intricate seek-and-find book full of fascinating details is also an armchair travel guide for anyone already fond of this small country of tulips, windmills, and so much more.