I want braids

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Leisink, Carolijn
Droomvallei Uitgeverij

When Efia runs the beads at the end of her braids tinkle. Esmee likes to have braids too. Who can help her? The shops assistant, the farmer, the acrobate, they all don’t braid hair. The hairdresser can! He gives Esmee the same beautifull braids as Efia has. They look like sisters. Tinkle, tinkle!

A cheerful adventure for toddlers and preschoolers about friendship and equality. In the year 2016 Inclusive Works held its third ‘Write & Unite’; a recurring children’s story competition. The theme was ‘Colourful Equality: Dignity and Equality for people of all races’. With this competition Inclusive Works strives to include characters of African descent in Dutch children’s literature. The story you are about to read portrays and promotes inter-racial contact and friendships between children and adults.. Laura Coello Eertink, directress Inclusive Works